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1 Seater Element Statement | Elephant Skin


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Practical, robust 1-seater element
Elephant skin (50% Nylon and 50% PU)
Extension element for the Statement corner sofa, 4-seater sofa and 4-seater xl bench
H 77 x W 79 x D 93 cm

Is the Statement corner sofa, the 4-seater sofa or the 4-seater xl sofa not big enough? Then this Statement 1-seater element is the perfect extension for these benches. Give just that little extra space. This Statement 1-seater element from the collection of the Dutch brand BePureHome is pure and cool.

Statement has a seat height of 45 cm, a seat width of 83 cm and a seat depth of 63 cm. The legs have a height of 18.5 cm and are made of black lacquered birch. The brackets to attach this 1-seater element to the Statement corner sofa, 4-seater sofa or 4-seater xl bench have to be assembled by yourself.

Note: This is an extension element for Statement. This 1-seater element cannot be placed on its own.
For hard floors, place felt glides under the legs. This prevents damage to the floor.

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