Bistro Folding Table Teak | Ø 70



  • The Bistro folding table is ideal for those smaller spaces outside our house, whether it is a small terrace or a beautiful balcony that you are not taking advantage of. Open it with this elegant and practical table with a two-year guarantee and the peace of mind that the Hartman® brand provides. The folding system is as simple as activating a lever, so if you need the space for anything else, you can use it, in addition to its central leg It won’t get in your way when placing a seat like the Sophie chairs from the same brand, a great combination. With its aluminum structure and teak board, it is created to withstand the sun and the rain.If you want to add a warm touch to your terrace or balcony, this Bistro folding table with its wooden top is just what you were looking for. The orange tones of Teak and its characteristic touch will help you create that calm climate you want. You decide if you prefer to put the note of color with textiles, cushions or even by choosing colored chairs.

    Characteristics of Round Bistro Folding Table:

    • The structure is made of aluminium, it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a neutral cleaning agent.
    • The teak board must be cleaned with a special product for this type of wood and you can extend its useful life if you use the special sealer to prevent the wood from absorbing stains.
    • It is available in round and rectangular.
    • Hartman® gives us a 2 year guarantee.
Care Instructions

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