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– Characteristic armchair

– Includes spacious wicker seat

– Made of teak with natural finish

– H 74 cm x W 68 cm x D 70 cm

This characteristic outdoor armchair comes from the collection of Dutch brand Exotan. The natural finish of the teak wood gives the armchair a tropical yet luxurious look. The wide leg frame and spacious wicker seat surface ensure that the design offers a relaxed seating area.


Protect the furniture against hard rain, night frost and the winter period with a plastic film or protective cover. If possible, it is better to winterise the furniture indoors. Material Teak is a tropical hardwood and a very durable type of wood. Teakwood has a dark brown/red colour which looks very luxurious. Teakwood is characterised by a tight, straight grain and is therefore very suitable for processing. However, outdoor use can cause discolouration or hairline cracks in the wood. This does not affect the construction.


– Height: 74 cm – Width: 68 cm – Depth: 70 cm – Seat length: 56 cm – Seat width: 58 cm – Seat thickness: 7 cm – Seat height: 34 cm – Leg length front: 61 cm – Leg length rear: 59 cm – Leg width: 5 cm – Leg thickness: 3 cm – Armrest length: 48 cm – Backrest length: 16 cm – Leg spacing front: 62 cm – Space between legs: 66 cm – Back leg space: 55 cm – Arm to seat area gap: 17 cm – Back to seat surface gap: 48 cm – Weight capacity: 100 kg


To keep teak outdoor furniture in optimal condition, it is advisable to maintain it regularly with the appropriate care products. We recommend treating the furniture with a teak sealer before use. A teak sealer forms a protective layer over the wood, reducing the chance of moisture, UV radiation and other harmful elements penetrating and damaging the wood.

Do not clean teak with too much water; this will cause the wood fibres to stand up and make the furniture very rough. Consult a paint specialist for the best advice.

Care Instructions

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