Side Table Mellow | Marble | Mist


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– Stylish side table
– Luxurious look with marble tabletop
– Slim metal framework
– H 45 cm x W 40 cm x D 40 cm

Chic and stylish! That’s this side table Mellow from the collection of Dutch interior design brand BePureHome. The side table is a stylish item because of its clean lines and visibly veined marble. Use Mellow as a coffee table, plant table or stage for your most beautiful decoration piece.

Marble is a limestone rock that acquires its natural colour shades through long exposure to temperature differences and high pressure during the formation of mountain ranges. This process ensures that each marble item has its own unique markings. Besides the characteristic markings, white spots or dots can also occur in the stone. Prevent stains caused by moisture easily by using coasters.

– Height: 45 cm
– Width: 40 cm
– Thickness of table top: 2 cm
– Thickness of frame: 2×2 cm
– Maximum load capacity: 15 kg
– Weight: 10 kg

It is important to take good care of this porous natural stone. Use a soft cloth, lukewarm water and a special cleaning agent for natural stone to clean the marble regularly. Moist stains can soak into the stone, so clean these smoothly with a soft cloth and natural detergent. Marble is quite soft and prone to scratching, so do not use a scouring pad or hard cloths to clean the marble item.

The side table is delivered in one package. To protect hard floors, place felt glides on the underside, this will prevent damage.

Care Instructions

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