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Coffee Table Pebble | White | 35x50x50


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– Organic, sturdy side table
– Made of concrete-look fibre clay
– Rounded design
– H 31 cm x W 65 cm x D 49 cm

The Pebble side table is an in-house design from the collection of the Dutch brand vtwonen. The table is made of concrete-look clay with a fresh, white finish. A one-of-a-kind piece with a timeless, organic design.

MaterialFibreclay is a coloured material with an open structure. The material is a composition of fiberglass and clay, which gives the item high strength. Fibreclay looks like concrete, but is remarkably light. Fiberclay is somewhat sensitive to direct sunlight and moisture; if it is not cared for, the top layer can be damaged. Think of fading or stains.

– Height: 35 cm
– Width: 50 cm
– Depth: 50 cm
– Carrying capacity: 90 kg
– Weight: 12 kg

Due to its slightly porous composition, it is recommended to protect the furniture from rain and night all year round. To maximise the lifespan of the fibreclay material, we recommend placing the item indoors only. The best way to clean fibreclay furniture is with a soft brush and neutral soapy water, removing stains immediately prevents permanent deposits.

The article is delivered per piece. For indoor use, it is recommended to place felt glides on the underside to prevent damage to the floor.

In order to extend the life of the fibreclay material, we recommend placing the piece of furniture only indoors. Cleaning the fibreclay furniture is best done with a soft brush and neutral soapy water to remove stains immediately and prevent permanent build-up. Post-treatment is possible with polyspray or a protective varnish for garden figures, which seals the pores of the fibreclay furniture and makes them suitable for daily use.

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