Dining Table Damon | Ø 100 | BROWN




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– Robust, fresh dining table
– Made of concrete-look fibre clay
– Suitable for 4 people
– H 76 x Ø100 cm

This robust Damon dining table is from the collection of Dutch brand WOOOD. The table is made of concrete-look fibre clay with a coloured coating. The compact size of the table creates an airy look and offers enough space for four people!

Fibreclay is a dyed material with an open structure. The material is a composition of fibreglass and clay which makes the item very strong. Fiberclay has a concrete look but is remarkably lightweight. Fiberclay is somewhat sensitive to direct sunlight and moisture; if no maintenance is done, the top layer can be damaged. Think of fading or stains.

– Height: 76 cm
– Diameter 100 cm
– Table top thickness: 4 cm
– Leg thickness: Ø 45/28 cm
– Carrying capacity: 50 kg
– Weight: 40 kg

To maximise the life of the fibreclay material, we recommend placing the item indoors only. The best way to clean fibreclay furniture is with a soft brush and neutral soapy water, removing stains immediately prevents permanent deposits. A re-treatment is possible with Polyspray or a protective varnish for garden statues, this will seal the pores of the fibreclay and make it suitable for daily use again.

This article is delivered as a kit with clear assembly instructions. Place felt glides under the legs on hard floors. This prevents damage to the floor.

Care Instructions

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