Dining Table Fine Legs | 190 / 220


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Panel table solid oak [FSC] with Fine Legs of the house brand VTwonen has a tough, industrial look and a basic design. The Fine Legs gives the table in this version a refined look.
There is always enough space at this elongated dining table from VTwonen!
This solid oak Panel tabletop has a size of (lxwxd) 190 cm x 80 cm x 3 cm.
Panel tabletop solid oak is brushed and treated with (grey) oil.
This solid oak Panel table is also available with a table top in length 220 cm.
The steel base has a U-shape and is tightly finished with a matt black powder coating. The legs are 8.6 kg heavy. The dimensions of the base are (hxwxd) 72 cm x 73 cm x 13 cm.
The total dimensions of this beautiful table are (hxwxd) 75 cm x 190 cm x 80 cm.
Note: This furniture is made of brushed oak. The veins and knots are accentuated by brushing, giving the wood a lived look. Because of this effect, unevenness, small cracks and knots can be extra visible and the wood structure is clearly visible and tangible.

Available in 2 sizes:

75 x 190 x 80cm &

75 x 220 x 80cm.

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