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Dining Table Lange & 6 Dining Chairs Rosie Light Grey

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1 x Dining Table Lange | Round | Extendable | 120-160-200


6 x Dining Chair Roxie | set of 6

Set of 6!


We don’t only use our dining tables to eat at. We also work, play and live at the table and are often short of space. That’s why this extendable round oak table from the WOOOD Exclusive collection is ideal, allowing you to create extra space in no time at all. The basic size of this Lange Jan has a diameter of 120 cm, Lange Jan is extendable to a length of 160 cm and 200 cm. This sturdy table consists of strips of glued oak (finger joint), brushed and waterborne two-pack lacquer lacquered in transparent Sidney white.

The space between the legs, measured in the middle of the leg with a length of 200 cm is 143 cm, with a length of 120 cm > 63 cm. This round table has 4 square legs, each 6 cm thick and 71.9 cm high. The thickness of the table top is 24 mm and the total height of the table is 74.3 cm.

Sold with 6 Dining Chairs Roxie Light Grey.

The Roxie chair is padded with geometric texture at the rear.The backrest has a shape that cups the whole mid-section of your back for a more comfortable sitting position. It is made of solid ash wood legs.Internal wooden frame made with zero-emission adhesives to keep the planet free from pollution.Ideal for dining or meeting rooms.
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