Fatboy filling

Filler Stuffing | 350L (refill)


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Have the EPS granules in your beautiful Fatboy beanbag shrunk? Luckily, you can also buy dog cushion or beanbag fillings at Fatboy. Before you know it, your lounge product will be as good as new!

After a few years, the filling may have shrunk a little – it may have flattened out because you’ve been sitting on it. You can then refill your Fatboy product with an EPS refill. You can simply leave the existing EPS filling in and mix it in with new beads, so you don’t have to replace the entire filling – a sustainable solution.

We do ask you to refill carefully, not to spill anything, and preferably to refill indoors to prevent the beads from ending up in the environment. They may not be toxic, but they’re certainly not yet biodegradable.

Suitable for: Original, Original Outdoor, Original Stonewashed, Original Slim Velvet, Original Duotone, Buggle-Up, Buggle-Up Outdoor, Junior, Doggielounge

Care Instructions

Please, have a look to our Care Instructions at the bottom left of this page, to find out the instructions appropriate to the material of your product.