Hocker Statement | Elephant Skin



Comfortable, tough hocker
Elephant skin (50% Nylon and 50% PU)
Practical and multifunctional
H 40 x W 80 x D 55 cm

This footstool fits perfectly with the Statement armchair and sofas from the BePureHome collection. The Statement series offers a good basis for multiple living styles. The design of Statement is basic, but stands out because of the robust seat. This footstool sits comfortably and is perfect to use as a footrest with the sofas or armchair. The Statement footstool is upholstered with elepant skin (50% Nylon and 50% PU) in a warm grey colour, which gives the footstool a tough look. The footstool is available in several fabrics and colours.

The Statement footstool has a seat height of 40 cm, a seat width of 75 cm and a seat depth of 50 cm. The legs have a height of 15 cm and are made of black lacquered birch wood. Max. carrying weight is 100 kg.

The fabric is not impregnated, it is not recommended to do this yourself. In case of stains, clean the fabric with lukewarm water and a dry cotton cloth.

For hard floors, place felt glides under the legs. This prevents damage to the floor.

Care Instructions

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