Hotspot Lungo Pillow | Indoor & Outdoor | 4 colours


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Electric heated pillow.


cool grey
foggy dew
º Orange
º Brown
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With Hotspot Pillow, any place in and around your home will become the hottest hangout. No doubt! Its quilted cover looks like a classic Chesterfield cushion. The red Fatboy label on the side reveals its true nature – you use it to control the position of this rechargeable electric heat cushion. Hotspot Pillow combines style, warmth, and convenience. And of course, the cover can be washed.

  • Durations of use:
    Step 1: 9,6 hours (3W).
    Step 2: 4,8 hours (6W).
    Step 3: 3,3 hours (9W).
  • Charging time: 3 hours.

Available in 4 colors: Toffee, Papaya, Foggy Dew and Cool Grey.

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