Lounge Set Sofa Jax | Ted Fabric


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795,00 755,25

1 x Element Left

hk-living LOGO        

795,00 755,25

1 x Element Right

hk-living LOGO        

649,00 616,55

1 x Hocker

hk-living LOGO        

525,00 498,75

1 x Hocker S

hk-living LOGO        

1.350,00 1.282,50

1 x Element Round

hk-living LOGO        

789,00 749,55

1 x Element Middle

hk-living LOGO        

760,00 722,00

1 x Element Angle

hk-living LOGO        

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Let’s welcome new fabrics: Ted – Stone

This sofa with a sensational look-at-me feel is a real must have in your living room. Jax highlights our vision of combining beauty with practicality.

The round elements look so inviting but stylish at the same time. Shape your living space with Jax, for the best seat position possible. The elements are available in a left and right corner, a middle element, element angle and a hocker. The elements can be connected to each other with clamps.

If you want to make a different combination of the same range, you can send us an email, and we will customize it for you!

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