Lounge Set Villa | Teak White Frame | incl. cushions


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– Spacious outdoor corner sofa with stylish design and matching coffee table
– Made from FSC-certified teak wood and aluminium frame
– Includes outdoor cushions in a grey shade
– H 75 cm x W 252 cm x D 252 cm

The Villa lounge set by the Dutch outdoor brand Exotan is the relaxation corner for the epicurean. Seek the peace and quiet of the outdoors in the lovely corner sofa of FSC-certified teak and a frame of white-coloured aluminium. Place this spacious corner sofa on a sunny veranda for a moment of relaxation and experience the luxurious comfort.

The outdoor furniture of Exotan is made of high quality FSC-certified teak. Teak is a tropical hardwood and a very durable wood, all the teakwood in our collections has an FSC-certification. Teak wood has a dark brown/red colour of its own, which gives it a very luxurious appearance. Teakwood is characterised by a tight, straight grain and is therefore very suitable for processing. However, when used outdoors, teak wood may discolour or develop hairline cracks. This does not affect the construction. The cushions are upholstered with a UV-resistant fabric and filled with fast-dry foam, this material is water-permeable and rot- and fungus-free. The frame is made of strong aluminium with a white powder coating.

The lounge sofa has a height of 75 cm and a width x depth of 252 cm. The seat height of the sofa is 43 cm, the coffee table has the same height. The seat width of the straight cushions is 70 cm each. The sofa, including cushions, has a seat depth of 56 cm. The aluminium legs are 28 cm and each is 4×4 cm. The load-bearing capacity of the lounge set is 500 kg when evenly distributed.

To keep teakwood outdoor furniture in optimal condition, it is advisable to maintain it regularly with the appropriate care products. Consult a paint shop for the best advice. Do not clean teakwood with too much water, as this will cause the wood fibres to stand out and the furniture to become very rough. The material of the upholstery is water-permeable and rot and mould-free. This means that you can leave the series outside for the entire season with an easy mind. Do store the cushions in case of heavy rain. Protect the furniture against rain, night and winter with a plastic film or protective cover. If possible, it is better to let the furniture hibernate indoors. Always make sure that the furniture cannot stand in a puddle of water, or that water remains on the furniture after a rainfall. The water will soak into the furniture and leave marks after a while. These stains are not always easy to remove. Remove other stains with a neutral soap. Do not use chemicals or high pressure cleaners.

The Villa lounge set is delivered in several packages.

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