Parasol Eolo Pureti 250×250


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º Taupe
º White
º Anthracite
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Available in White, Taupe & Anthracite.

Heigth 266cm

Lacquered aluminum pole parasol with 4 ribs (20x14mm.). Easy push-up open system with an open-block handle. Without valance and with airvent.

Much like trees, the fabric of this umbrella reduces city pollution, neutralizing engine gases and other harmful substances. Its nanotechnology, upon contact with sunlight, turns air pollutants into inert salts.

Air purifying parasol.

EOLO PURETI anti-pollution. Thanks to the incorporation of photocatalytic nanotechnology this is our most sustainable and disruptive parasol option. An EOLO PURETI on your terrace will have the same anti-pollution effect as planting two trees.

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