Rock’n Roll | Black


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 For Indoor & Outdoor.

The Fatboy rocking chair is finally there! As now is the perfect time to put our Original beanbag on a wobbly pedestal and transform it into the ultimate rocking chair.

The Rock ‘n Roll is made up of a removable frame and 8 sturdy webbings. Place your Original on top and voilà: your giant luxury rocking chair is ready for use. The Rock ‘n Roll can be combined with any Original beanbag.

The Rock ‘n Roll is made from water-repellent material. This makes this chair also suitable for outdoor use. Combine this with an Original Outdoor to make this chair the centrepiece for every garden, patio or rooftop terrace.

Easy to (dis)assemble. Anti-slip layer. Water resistant. Steady seat with solid rock blocker. 8 webbings.

Use in combination with Fatboy’s the Original / Original Stonewashed (not included). 

Care Instructions

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