Sofa Statement 4 Seater | 280 | Elephant Skin



The name of this bank says enough, right? A sofa like this stands as a clear element in the house. A sofa determines the atmosphere of the interior and this sofa provides a good basis for multiple living styles. The design of Statement is basic, but the size of the sofa makes it stand out. This spacious 4-seater sofa offers enough space for the whole family and sits comfortably. This sofa Statement fits perfectly in the collection of BePureHome, is pure and sturdy and consists of several variants, fabrics and colors. This variant is covered with a beautiful Elephant skin. This skin looks like leather, but is made of 50% nylon and 50% pu in a warm gray color and that gives the sofa a chic look and feels great.

The seat depth is 63 cm, the seat width is 244 cm, the seat height is 45 cm, the height of the armrest is 65 cm, the width of the armrest is 18 cm, the leg height is 15.5 cm, the height of the frame is 18.5 cm.
The total dimensions of this Statement bench are (hxwxd) 77x280x93 cm.

Care Instructions

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