Stool Borre | Black Wood | 40XØ28CM



– Natural and pure stool
– Black coloured paulownia wood
– Practical as table and stool
– H 40 cm x Ø28 cm

This Borre stool is a surprising item in the interior! The stool comes from the collection of the Dutch brand WOOOD. The stool is made from paulownia wood, which is the fastest growing hardwood in the world. The paulownia wood is known for its knotty characteristics, cracks and holes in the wood may occur and give this Borre its robust character.

Paulownia wood is a natural material with a soft structure, it is easily damaged or dented. However, paulownia wood is very durable and long lasting, this makes the natural product very durable. The warm hue of the wood is very attractive for interior items. Paulownia wood has the rough, robust characteristics of wood. This means that knots and cracks give the item its recognisable natural look.

– Height: 40 cm
– Diameter: 28 cm
– Weight capacity: 20 kg
– Weight: 4 kg

A disadvantage of this soft wood is its vulnerability to frequent use. Items made of paulownia wood are easily damaged and difficult to repair. Do not place a paulownia item in direct or indirect sunlight for long periods as this can cause the wood to dry out and crack. Keep the wood dust-free weekly with a clean, dry cloth. Additional treatment with a transparent coating is possible but not necessary. Because of the coarse structure it is difficult to get the item fully protected.

The item is delivered in one piece, with a minimum order of two pieces. For hard floors, place felt gliders under the stool. This prevents damage to the floor

Care Instructions

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