Stool Tak | Mango Wood | Walnut


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– Sturdy, robust stool
– Made of mango wood
– Walnut-coloured, solid woodwork
– H 39 cm x Ø 34 cm

Simply place Tak near the sofa to keep your drink at hand or use Tak as a stage for your favourite plant!

Mango wood is known for its warm golden brown colour, durable growth and long durability. Mango wood is also characterised by clearly visible grain and colour nuances. The grain, a yellow glow or dark lines and knots ensure that each mango wood item is unique. Mango wood is very strong and one of the harder woods, so a mango wood item will not easily be damaged.

– Height: 39 cm
– Width: 34 cm
– Depth: 34 cm
– Top height: 13 cm
– Foot height: 26 cm
– Foot Ø: 20/30 cm
– Weight capacity: 20 kg

Mango wood furniture is easy to maintain. You can easily keep them dust- and stain-free with a slightly damp, clean cloth. Mango wood items are intended for indoor use only. Additional treatment or protection is possible with a transparent coating, but is not considered necessary for the first few years. Always consult a paint specialist for advice and information regarding treating the mango wood item.

The stool is delivered in one package. Place felt glides on the underside to protect hard floors.

Care Instructions

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