Lampshade Chunky | Grey | 32 x Ø 20cm



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– Slim lampshade
– Clad with canvas look
– Suitable for a lamp with ø6 cm fitting
– H 32 cm x Ø 20 cm

Is your lampshade ready for a fresh new look? Then choose the Chunky lampshade from the BePureHome collection. This narrow lampshade has a grey melange pattern and is covered with a woven canvas look. The inside is reinforced with a plastic backing, so the light spreads through the top and bottom of the lampshade.

The flat woven canvas look fabric has a soft and full grip but requires careful maintenance. The fabric is sensitive to moisture and direct sunlight, which can cause the pigments to fade. The canvas look has a tough vintage look.

The lampshade is 32 cm high and 20 cm round. The plastic connecting piece inside is suitable for a fitting of ø6 cm.

In case of any stains, use of warm water and soap is not recommended. Because the fabrics are dyed in a colour bath, white stains may appear when exposed to heat or friction. Weekly dusting with a hoover and special furniture brush is sufficient.

The lampshade is delivered individually with a minimum order of three pieces. Make sure the lamp is not connected to the mains when unscrewing the light source to prevent accidents.

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