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Wardrobe Connect 2 doors +



1 x Wardrobe Connect | 2 Doors


1 x Interior for Wardrobe Connect | 2 Doors

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From the CONNECT series; a sturdy basic 2-door wardrobe. With the CONNECT cabinets you can build your own cabinet wall! The hull of the CONNECT cabinet is made of solid pine. The inside is equipped with laminated shelves, practical with cleaning! The cabinets are painted white, but you can also paint them in a different colour in no time at all (in that case use a water-based paint).
The CONNECT series consists of a drawercabinet and 3 basic cabinets:

a 2-door wardrobe, a 2-door wardrobe with drawers and a 3-door wardrobe with drawers.

The cabinets are made in such a way that they can be placed directly against each other. The cabinets can be perfectly placed next to each other and so you can make the cabinet as wide as you want. The 2-door and 3-door wardrobes are available with two types of doors: a strip door with slots as handle or the sturdy lockerdoor with white metal handles.
The CONNECT 2-door wardrobes have a wide interior (1 rod + 1 fitted shelf) and 3 shared shelves behind the right door. If you want more shelves, you can also equip this cabinet with an extra interior package. The hanging area then has an extra partition with 2 extra shelves. The CONNECT enclosures are supplied as individual elements with clear installation instructions.

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